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Put customers at the center of your marketing research approach. Powered by AI, Arcadia helps you discover the most interesting data about your audience faster, and lets you build a visually compelling story for your team and your clients.

Get the full customer story

Arcadia is designed to help you identify, define, and visualize your audience with incredible efficiency—leading to faster insights and a client-ready customer story.

See the difference in your data

Arcadia visualizes data so you can quickly identify key findings and business-changing moments.

Research to power of AI

Not only does AI surface relevant data almost instantly, but Arcadia’s algorithm eliminates cognitive biases inherent in qualitative research—making it possible to discover something you weren’t even looking for.

How it works

Built by Havas,
powered with Watson

Havas is the only creative agency certified as a With Watson Premier partner. Using our extensive knowledge of IBM's cognitive APIs and our own custom algorithms, we've created a platform that will help our employees work smarter, and give our clients the best insight into their customers.